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Mora Oceanarium and Fluvial Beach

Next to Mora we find the Oceanarium and the environmental park of Gameiro with its fluvial beach and Camping Park. A leisure and cultural space in the middle of Alentejo and near the famous N2 road.

Fluviário de Mora

Paulo Juntas, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons


Where it’s?

The Mora Oceanarium is located next to Mora, located about 37 miles from Évora and about 75 miles from Lisbon.


Mora Oceanarium

This kind of freshwater Oceanarium is in practice an aquarium that is only dedicated to freshwater ecosystems, such as lakes and Portuguese rivers. It is a didactic space for teaching biodiversity and the great importance of its existence for all humanity. This oceanarium is one of the first structures of this kind in Europe. 

The visit is made in order to demonstrate the various species that exist from the springs to the mouth of the watercourses.

Fluviário mora 1
Fluviario mora 2
Fluviario mora 3

In outer space, there are still some otters.

lontra mora

Tiago J. G. Fernandes from Portimão, Portugal, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

 Price table

The price list and Fluviário schedule can be found here. In the Fluviário space, there is a small bar/restaurant that is open during Fluviário’s opening hours.


Gameiro Ecological Park

Located next to the Mora Oceanarium, the Gameiro Ecological Park is a green space where a fluvial beach is formed by a small dam. Here you don’t have to deal with traffic jams and the beach won’t be full but the water temperature will be perfect. The children, if you have them with you, can play on the playground. And if you want to walk there is also a walkway that allows you to walk along the lake formed by the dam.

gameiro 1
gameiro 2

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Where to sleep in Mora?

The village of Mora is located near the Montargil Dam and next to the N2. In this area there are some hotels and local accommodation on farms. Use the following Booking tool to choose the best accommodation by location.


Or get inspired by the following most popular accommodation in Mora.

Mora map.

The fluvial beach of mora located near the aquarium.

Mora and the National 2 road.


Mora located in alentejo region in Portugal.


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