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Mallorca | Tour on the east coast beaches

The east side of the island of Mallorca is, for us, the one with the most beautiful bays (called cala) and beaches on the entire island.

What to visit in Mallorca? This is the first thought we had when we conceived our trip to this Balearic island. The island is big and we intended to get to know and enjoy the beaches considered to be the most impressive and the most beautiful on the island. After putting them on a map, we realized they are located on the east coast. That’s how we planned our trip and chose to stay in the Ses Salines region, close to the Santanyí region. This choice also considered the fact that this area is much quieter than a stay in Palma de Mallorca or its surroundings.

Cala Mondragó

In this post we will show you the beaches we visited and the ones that, despite being on our list, we were not able to visit. These can be visited in just one day (since they are within walking distance) but we advise you to enjoy this sea with crystal clear and very warm waters. For this reason, unless visiting in winter, spend a few hours on each of the following suggestions.

Platja des Trenc and Platja Estanys

Next to Còlonia de Sant Jordi in Ses Salines are several beaches, surrounded by salt pans and pine trees. Platja Estanys is located close to the Marqués hotel. The sand continues up to Platja des Trenc and forms a large bay. In it, we can swim in a calm and very shallow sea. These beaches have some support, with lifeguards and beach bars having quite considerable size so it is easier to find a space on the sand.

On the horizon, sailboats and yachts take advantage of the calm sea to enjoy the beach.

Platja Estanys
Platja Estanys

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Cala Llombards

From our accommodation (in Colònia de Sant Jordi) to Cala Llombards, in Santanyí, it took us little time to have a rental car, which allowed us to arrive early and arrange parking in the small park next to Cala.

This bay has a reasonable size of sand, a support bar, a lifeguard and a rental of Stand Up Paddle.

Cala Llombards
Cala Llombards

It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and photogenic coves we have visited. The water is translucent and you will definitely not want to get out of it. This is the most important aspect for us. We didn’t even look for space on the sand to spread a towel because we didn’t consider it necessary.

On the sides of the bay, there are small trails where you can walk along the rock and jump into the water or take several photos to boost your Instagram likes.

To be able to enjoy this bay, arrive early. That’s the only way you can find a parking spot next to the beach.
Relatively close, at the entrance to the residential area, there is another public parking lot that can be used to access more bays.

Cala Serena

Cala d’Or is an urban and very touristy area, where condominiums, hotels and a marina are located. Here there are also several coves that are worth a visit: we suggest Cala Ferrera or the small Cala Serena, both very close. We chose to spend a few hours in the small Cala Serena.

In it we can enjoy a small beach, calm and warm water, and observe small fish next to the rocks and the various small private docks of the existing houses in the bay.

Platja de S’Amarador e Cala Mondragó

The Mondragó Natural Park protects an area of the east coast where there are some pine forests and other cultivated land, such as almond trees. Both Praia de S’Amarador and Cala Mondragó are located in the Mondragó Natural Park, with vegetation between pine forests, almond trees and others.

Upon reaching the natural park and heading towards Platja de S’Amarador, you will find a guarded and paid car park.

After leaving the car, it is necessary to take a short walk to the beach. On this walk, we can go through some trails through the pine forest or follow the most direct route. When we arrive at S’Amarador beach, we glimpsed a sea in blue tones, surrounded by an extensive green. It is a sandy beach of some size with beach support and lifeguards.

This is connected by a small trail, by the sea, quite pleasant to do, until the Mondragó cove. Cala Mondragó is smaller than the beach, but it is also beautiful. The water is very warm and the waves are non-existent, as on all Majorca beaches.

Other equally interesting beaches to visit

Santanyí is one of the regions where calas are its ex-libris. In addition to the ones already mentioned, because they were the ones we were able to visit during our stay, there are others that we would very much like to have had the opportunity to visit.

One of them is Cala des Moro, a small cove and one of Mallorca’s postcards. However, due to its beauty, it is also a very popular cove, so there is not much space for everyone. In addition, the parking lot is located close to Cala Llombards and early in the morning, it was already full.

Next to it is the small Cala de S’Almunia, a beach without sand and where you can find some support houses and small boats. From the photos we’ve seen, it’s very photogenic.

These two bays have public parking 1.5 km away and all roads to the residential area closer to the coves are restricted to residents only.

Map: east coast beach tour

The following map shows the coves and beaches mentioned in this post. Obviously, there are many more interesting beaches and coves in the municipality of Ses Salines and Santanyí to visit, but in order to enjoy the temperature of the water, it is not possible to know them all.

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Tips for your stay in Mallorca

There are many accommodations spread across the island of Mallorca. Choose the one that you consider most suitable for the purposes of your trip.

Or choose from the most popular options in the area.

Mallorca | Tour on the east coast beaches

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