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Sintra: what to visit in this romantic village in Portugal

Sintra village, located near Lisbon is probably the most romantic village in Portugal where there are several palaces, gardens and a castle on top of a mountain.

Sintra is the romantic village par excellence. A place that must be visited to feel involved by the romantic mystique of this village. Located 19 miles from Lisbon, it is full of places of historical interest and gardens that allowed it to be distinguished by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

In this short itinerary, you will find the main monuments of the village, but there are many more charms in the village and also on the coast, which is right next door.

Where it is located

Sintra National Palace  

In the central area of ​​Sintra, we find the town palace. This was used by the Portuguese royal family and has medieval, Gothic, Renaissance and romantic characteristics. It is located in a privileged location, close to the central area of ​​the village, being a mandatory stop for all visitors. Several secrets can be found in it, such as the well that never runs dry and that served the residents of the palace.

Palácio Nacional de Sintra

Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira and especially its gardens are stunning. The work of Italian architect Luigi Manini, also the author of the Buçaco Hotel Palace, created a romantic-style palace and a garden in which each element has a different meaning.

poco iniciatico

Pena National Palace

At the top of the Sintra Hill, we glimpse the jewel in Sintra’s crown. The Pena National Palace and the park that surrounds it have been a World Heritage Site since 1995 and a National Monument since 1910. It is an extravagant palace in bright colours with various architectural structures that appeal to the medieval imagination.

vista castelo para centro
Pena National Palace

Moorish Castle

Very close to the Pena National Palace are the walls of the Moorish Castle. This one stands out for the fact that the walls were built on the rocks of the mountain range and for its view over Sintra, the mountains and the sea.

castelo 1
Moorish Castle

Monserrate Palace

Between Sintra and Colares, immersed in the beauty of the mountain’s microclimate, is the Palace and botanical garden of Monserrate. Extraordinary and currently restored palace placed on the highest part of a garden that gathers species from all over the world. It’s another trip through the natural world without leaving Sintra.

acesso ao castelo
Monserrate Palace

Activities to do in Sintra

Capuchos Convent

Surrounded by nature and far from the gardens and palaces is the old Capuchos Convent. This one, devoid of any luxury and perfectly framed in the landscape, was the residence of Franciscan friars until the extinction of the religious orders.

IMG 7803
Capuchos Convent


The travesseiros and Sintra queijadas

Leaving Sintra without tasting the greatest representatives of convent sweets is, like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. There are several typical sweets but the most famous and with the surname of Sintra are the Queijadas and Sintra travesseiros. The queijadas are made with fresh cheese, sugar, flour and cinnamon and are disputed by two typical houses, the Fabrica das Verdadeiras Queijadas da Sapa and the Casa Piriquita.

queijadas de Sintra

Photo from hugovk in  Flickr

Sintra’s travesseiros are the most requested sweets at Casa Piriquita. Puff pastry cake filled with almonds and eggs sprinkled with sugar is irresistible.

travesseiros Sintra

Photo from Rui Ornelas in  Flickr

When visit

The village of Sintra is a tourist attraction for all who visit the country and Portugal’s capital. Its castle, palaces and gardens are among the most visited monuments in Portugal, so if you prefer a visit with shorter queues, the best time will be between autumn and spring. In fact, if you live in Portugal, it won’t be difficult to find a weekend with good weather for a visit to Sintra. 

castelo - dentro das muralhas

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