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When traveling we always aim to find the best value for money when it comes to accommodation. Nowadays there is such a wide range of websites that allow booking and searching hotels that when using different websites we find sometimes different hotels, prices and conditions. Focusing only on comparing stays we suggest four websites, which for us are the best of the many found on the web.

[zt_title type=”single-bottom”]Hotels Combined: Prices from the best websites[/zt_title]

The portal {source}<a href=’′ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’>HotelsCombined</a>{/source} does not appear first in this list by chance. This portal collects prices from the best accommodation websites such as, Booking, agoda or expedia allowing you to find the best price for a particular accommodation around the world. In addition to matching prices, allow users to filter their search by price, stars, distance, amenities or themes. It also allows you to search through a map to find hotels in the surrounding area. In the end you can also compare a flight prices and car rental prices.

For those who have doubts to trust, it is 100% safe since all data entered for purchase will be on websites with the price chosen by the user.

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[zt_title type=”single-bottom”]Hotellook: Clean version from a compare hotels price tool[/zt_title]

Like HotelsCombined, {source}<a href=””>Hotellook</a>{/source} it collects prices from various hotels or other booking websites, providing you with the best price for each hotel. This portal has a very clean visual environment providing easy use of it. By choosing the dates you will be informed by color of the prices. Searches can be organized by price, stars, distance, and more. It also allows you to search using an interactive map. Reservations are purchased through the hotel website or hotel chain.

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[zt_title type=”single-bottom”]Trivago: Location map compare website[/zt_title]

Trivago offers the possibility to search for the best prices on accommodation always considering the location through an interactive map. This is the most difference between the various accommodation price comparison websites. The portal compares prices between various websites and hotel such as Airbnb, Booking,, Expedia, Pestana group among others and has several filters that allow you to narrow your search quite exhaustively. The accommodation reservation, similar to all these websites, is made on the accommodation page or on the accommodation reservation website chosen by the user.


[zt_title type=”single-bottom”]Momondo: more than a simple compare prices portal[/zt_title]

Momondo offers much more than hotel search allowing for flight comparison and vacation package comparison between various travel agencies around the world. As far as hotels are concerned, it has several hotel providers such as Agoda, Hotels, Booking and others. Allows you to search for maps and insert multiple filters. Momondo is undoubtedly the website that offers the most services.


[zt_title type=”single-bottom”]But what the website that offers the best price?[/zt_title]

In our experience there is no large price difference between the various compare websites. When we wrote this post, we did a search for the same day, for the same city and for double room on the four websites presented here and sorting the results by the number of stars to reduce the amount of results. The results in terms of the lodgings presented are very similar, with the same lodgings appearing on the four websites. In terms of values ​​also do not differ much in most hotels. However we noted that in the first three results presented both hotelscombined and Hotellook found providers with lower prices. Note that we are talking about 2 or 3 euros difference per day but that in a long stay may represent a big saving.

[zt_title type=”double-border”]Plan your trip using the following tools and / or websites[/zt_title]

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{source}<i class=”material-icons”>done_outline</i>{/source} To find the best hotels rates, use the Booking. It is one of the best booking websites for stays.

{source}<i class=”material-icons”>done_outline</i>{/source} To compare prices for stays you can use the Hotels Combined or hotellook. These search engines show the different prices of other websites to the same destination.

{source}<i class=”material-icons”>done_outline</i>{/source} If you need to travel by plane, search for flights on a price comparator. Highly recommend the jetradar.

{source}<i class=”material-icons”>done_outline</i>{/source} To search for activities you can access this existing comparator on the scannertrip.

{source}<i class=”material-icons”>done_outline</i>{/source} Transfers to and from the airport can be purchased through the website kiwitaxi. So you do not need to get in touch with the different companies in your destination looking for the best price.

{source}<i class=”material-icons”>done_outline</i>{/source} To find the best car rental price you can use the autoeurope website that compares the prices of different companies.

Using the links above and the tools on the website you will helping to keep Scannertrip. For the use of this links and tools you will not pay more for it but for Scannertrip will makes all the difference!



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