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Peniche | The westernmost city in Europe

Peniche is famous for its gastronomy, its walled peninsula and the magnificent beaches that surround this rocky peninsula.

Peniche is an admirable city, located on a small rocky peninsula that stretches out into the sea. It is also a walled city in its connection to the rest of the land and has wonderful natural cliffs, resulting from the natural elements that have carved and worked it.

Peniche ao pôr-do-sol

Location Map

Peniche is located in the centre of Portugal, near Lisbon.


When we enter Peniche, we pass through one of the gates on the fortress wall of Peniche. This is one of the most visited places in the city and you can take a walk along its streets, along the walls and towards the fortress. 

The Fortress was built in 1557 by King D. João III and was completed almost a century later and now is one of the best-known postcard images of the city. The fortress is still known for having been one of the political prisons during the Estado Novo and today it is the Municipal Museum of Peniche.

Fortress – Photo from taniadimas in pixabay

Next to the Peniche fortress is one of the busiest avenues and with the largest number of restaurants in the area. Here, fish is king and in almost all restaurants, on weekends, it´s difficult to find a table without having to wait or book in advance. This only happens due to the quality of its preparation and the freshness of the fish served there. Visiting Peniche and not tasting a Fish Stew, a Sweaty Lobster or a Grilled Fish is certainly not experiencing a complete experience. 

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Cabo Carvoeiro

At the other end of the city, we find Cabo Carvoeiro. In addition to the 27-metre high lighthouse, this entire area is of enormous geological and scenic wealth. This richness is associated with the various limestone cliffs and the strange shapes existing in these rocks, formed over the years by the action of the sea. Some have names, such as the Varanda de Pilatos, the Cruz dos Remédios Viewpoint or the Revelim dos Remédios Viewpoint.

Cabo Carvoeiro
Cabo Carvoeiro

At the distance is the Berlengas Nature Reserve. During our trip, we cannot visit it as there are only boats during the summer months. 

Cabo Carvoeiro

When visit

Peniche can be visited at any time of the year, but it is better to visit it at a time when temperatures are warmer and allow you to enjoy the sandy beaches of the nearest beaches. Also, visit in summer and reserve a day to visit the Berlengas Islands.

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Where to sleep in Peniche?

Peniche and its surroundings have many tourist accommodations, many of which are linked to the theme of surfing.

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