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How to search, book cheap flights and check in automatically on different airlines easily

When need to travel by plane we search on several websites to find the best route and the best prices, however there are a wide variety of websites that we can use today. In addition to the websites of the airlines companies we can use the websites that aggregate several airline companies, making it easier to find the best flights and routes to the destination that we want. Some of these websites charge commissions on the reservation, others end up not offering the best routes or the best prices and there are still those who send us to the websites of the various companies where the reservations are made. The website kiwi allows us to make the reservation on the kiwi website, even when several airlines are included in the reservation, and has the advantage of automate check in online near the departure date in the various airlines.

Recently on our last trip where we needed to buy four flights from different companies we opted for {source}
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{/source} and we was surprised by the quality of service provided.

From the moment we made the reservation we did not have to worry about anything else. The kiwi made the reservations online in the different companies and sent us the tickets. In addition, the marked places (we were 2) were always side by side. This was really the surprise since we thought we had to do it directly with the different airlines. Another plus point is the clean and simple look of the website.

It is certainly a website that we will use again on an upcoming trip. In addition to the Kiwi flights we can also book train and bus trips.

You can see some suggestions below.

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 [zt_title type=”double-border”]Plan your trip using the following tools and / or websites[/zt_title]

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{source}<i class=”material-icons”>done_outline</i>{/source} To find the best hotels rates, use the Booking. It is one of the best booking websites for stays.

{source}<i class=”material-icons”>done_outline</i>{/source} To compare prices for stays you can use the Hotels Combined or hotellook. These search engines show the different prices of other websites to the same destination.

{source}<i class=”material-icons”>done_outline</i>{/source} If you need to travel by plane, search for flights on a price comparator. Highly recommend the jetradar.

{source}<i class=”material-icons”>done_outline</i>{/source} To search for activities you can access this existing comparator on the scannertrip.

{source}<i class=”material-icons”>done_outline</i>{/source} Transfers to and from the airport can be purchased through the website kiwitaxi. So you do not need to get in touch with the different companies in your destination looking for the best price.

{source}<i class=”material-icons”>done_outline</i>{/source} To find the best car rental price you can use the autoeurope website that compares the prices of different companies.

Using the links above and the tools on the website you will helping to keep Scannertrip. For the use of this links and tools you will not pay more for it but for Scannertrip will makes all the difference!



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